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International projects

  • Seminar on Environmental Technology – Santa Catarina – Austria: Step by step to a sustainable Waste Management, Florianopolis, Brasil
  • Contribution to the UNEP-report Waste Management Outlook for Mountain Regions – Sources and Solutions on waste management in mountainous areas
  • Guidelines on how to design an appropriate waste fee. Principles, Practices and Applications of Waste Management Fees, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Lithuania
  • Project management for an INTERREG-IIIA-Project in the region South Moravia – Zahorie – Weinviertel for a cooperation on environment protection
  • Technical Assistance on Waste Management: Implementing a Biowaste Strategy in Bulgaria, Biowaste Study Tour Austria
  • TWINNING-project “Transposition and implementation of the environmental acquis on supervision and control of trans boundary movement of wastes on national level”
  • Basics of Waste Analyses, Bratislava; Within the programme for trans boundary cooperation Slovakia – Austria


  • Analysis of the waste management situation in Spain according to existing policies and objectives of the European Union; Speech and Discussion at the invitation of the Spanish parliament
  • Measures to optimise the glass collection route in the city of Vienna
  • Implementation of the Packaging and Waste Packaging Directive in Malta. Consultance of the Chamber of Commerce and Trade, Speech at the seminar “Tackling Waste Together”

Expert Certificates

  • Expert Certificate for the quantity of glass recycled by separating it from residual waste and incineration residues
  • Expert Certificate for the share of metals separated from incineration residues and recycled
  • Expert Certificate for measuring the mass percentage of the in- and output of an waste incineration plant, separated into renewable, fossil and inert proportions

Research and Development

  • Process optimization of the collection and treatment of WEEE with the objective of maximum added value – development of collection infrastructure, with financial support from the Austrian research promotion authorities (FFG)
  • Building Cluster of different types of collection of packaging from private households (current state), on behalf of the Austrian Association of Towns and Cities, the Austrian Association of Municipalities, the chamber of commerce, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW) and the ARGE of Austrian waste associations
  • Co-operative EU-Research Project „CHEM-FREE”: Development of a chemical-free water treatment system through integrating fibre filters, ultrasound and UV-C

Environmental Technology

  • Monitoring the experiment “recovery of glass for foam glass”
  • Calculating the basis for the design of waste incineration plants as well as composting and biogas plants
  • Optimization of the separation of metals from waste incineration slag

Waste Analysis

  • Analyses of monitors and scrap fractions to optimize recycling
  • Analyses of municipal solid waste – residual, paper, glass, plastics, metals; 2009 and 2015 on behalf of the city of Vienna
  • Control of the rest volume targets of packaging waste, on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW)
  • Comprehensive analyses of municipal solid waste – residual waste, paper, biowaste, packaging, metals, etc.

Waste Technology

  • Measures to optimise separate collection of recyclables – recherché in towns in Austria, Germany, Switzerland
  • Study on the temporary storage of waste in bales in the area of the waste-logistic-center (ALZ) in Vienna

Data collection and interpretation

  • Investigations and studies on the determination of masses of EEE and portable batteries put on the market, as well as the determination of the collection, recovery and re-use rates
  • Material balances for all types of packaging in Austria

Cost-Effectiveness Studies

  • Feasibility study for a waste incineration plant in Tyrol
  • Study on the steering effect of the Altlastenbeitrag (contributions to remedial action on abandoned waste sites)
  • Market analyses of waste treatment

Project Management

  • Project management for the „Technology Offensive in Waste Management” of the city of Vienna
  • Preparation of a study and project management concerning the coverage of metal collection in Vienna

Tender procedures

  • Tendering of the disposal of municipal solid waste of the state of Tyrol – 100.000 t/a
  • Tender procedure for the collection and treatment of cemetery waste in Vienna – 50.000 m³/a
  • Tendering of the disposal of residues from municipal solid waste incineration
  • Experiences with tender procedures in the field of waste management; Speech during the annual meeting of the ÖWAV


  • Planning, organisation and conduction of ISWA-Study-Tours 2014 and 2016: „Collection, Sorting & Recycling“
  • Lecturer at the ISWA „Train the Waste-Management-Trainer” – programme, Jordan
  • Lecturer for employees of OMAN Environmental Services, Oman

Further Scopes of Business

  • Competent person according to Article 26 (4) AWG 2002
  • Expert for waste management at the Strategic Environmental Assessment for waste management plans for Vienna and Vorarlberg


ÖWAV Tagung “Vergaberecht für die Praxis”: Erfahrungen bei Vergaben im Bereich der Abfallwirtschaft


Handbuch  zur Sammlung, Lagerung und Transport von Elektro-Altgeräten zur Wiederverwendung


Stakeholderdialog zur Verpackungssammlung 2013 – 2015: Studie zur Clusterung von Sammeltypen

Restabfallanalyse Oberösterreich 2013: Präsentation der Ergebnisse

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